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All Events take place in Malahide Parish Pastoral Centre.

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Tickets are now on sale for this year’s Something Wicked. Events will kick off at 10am with the Malahide Murder Morning. First up is Alison Rooney, who will present Psycho Killer Qu’est ce Que C’est. Next up is René Gapert’s Forensic Anthropology workshop. Richard Corbridge will bring the Murder Morning to a close with Cyber Crime on the The Orient Express: This Time There’s Wifi.

Both Erika McGann and Matt Griffin will appear at this year’s Wicked Kids. Erika will present “Secret Forts and Solving Crime: Making up the Bubble Street Gang” while Matt will present “Creature Creation: Drawing Pictures and Writing Stories.”

We’ll close with Historical Crime Fiction Through the Ages where Michael Russell (City of Lies) Joe Joyce (Echoland) and Andrew Hughes (The Coroner’s Daughter) discuss the very popular historical crime fiction sub-genre.

All are welcome to these events, which are designed to be suitable for members of the general public as well as aspiring writers.

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Co. Dublin


Friday to Sunday
October 27 to 29, 2017

Murder comes to Malahide

Murder comes to Malahide on the October bank holiday weekend in the form of the Something Wicked Crime Writing Festival.

The Something Wicked Crime Writing Festival takes place in the seaside village of Malahide, Co. Dublin, every October Bank Holiday Weekend.

Now in its fourth year, the festival provides an interesting mix of author interviews, panel discussions and book signings. Notable authors who have attended include Arne Dahl, Liz Nugent, Louise Phillips, Alex Barclay, Arlene Hunt, Sam Blake and Shane Hegarty among others.

The festival is also noted for the topical forensic workshops that make up the Malahide Murder Morning. These workshops provide writers with very useful information about procedural and forensics aspects of crime, which they can use for their own novels. This year our speakers will address the topical issues such as cyber crime, psychopathy, and forensic anthropology.

Malahide Murder Morning

This year’s Malahide Murder Morning takes place in the Malahide Parish Pastoral Centre on Saturday, October 28th. Over a number of interesting workshops and presentations our speakers will deal with the topical issues of cyber-crime, psychopathy and forensic anthropology. We’ll be making further announcements in the coming weeks.

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Dead Centre (please excuse the dreadful pun) of Malahide.

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